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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Ahead of Gravity Assist, NASA’s Lucy Spacecraft Captures Images of Earth and Moon ~ scitechdaily.com
  2. Atoms: What are they and how do they build the elements? ~ space.com
  3. Curious Kids: What is exotic matter, and could we use it to make wormholes? ~ space.com
  4. Best Minecraft space mods and builds: explore the cosmos, one block at a time ~ space.com
  5. InSight Felt the Ground Shake From a Meteorite Impact on Mars ~ universetoday.com
  6. On This Day In Space: Oct. 30, 1964: 1st Flight of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle ~ space.com
  7. This Week @NASA: Stunning Meteoroid Impact on Mars, Methane “Super-Emitters” Mapped ~ scitechdaily.com
  8. ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ comic sees Worf and Spock form a dream team crew ~ space.com
  9. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Caught the Sun “Smiling” ~ scitechdaily.com
  10. For U.S. Space Force, Raymond’s retirement marks the end of an era ~ spacenews.com
  11. A skyscraper-sized ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will zip through Earth’s orbit on Halloween ~ space.com
  12. Traces of Ancient Ocean Discovered on Mars — This Means a “Higher Potential for Life” ~ scitechdaily.com
  13. First NorthStar SSA satellites to launch in 2023 by Virgin Orbit ~ spacenews.com
  14. Another Reason Red Dwarfs Might Be Bad for Life: No Asteroid Belts ~ universetoday.com
  15. Dracarys! This spiral galaxy in the constellation Draco is helping astronomers measure the universe ~ space.com
  16. Will Enceladus finally answer, ‘Are we alone?’ ~ universetoday.com
  17. China to launch Mengtian science module to Tiangong space station ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  18. Another Version of the Pillars of Creation from Webb ~ universetoday.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. NFT Trading in Apple App Store: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly ~ beincrypto.com
  2. Will Elon Musk Deliver Web3 Promises? Day 1 After Twitter Takeover ~ beincrypto.com
  3. Charles Hoskinson Says Dogecoin Should Be Cardano Sidechain As DOGE Cracks Top 10 Crypto Assets by Market Cap ~ dailyhodl.com
  4. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Makes Crypto Adoption Prediction, Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Become New Gold ~ dailyhodl.com
  5. Where is Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Going After 150% Rally? Trading Experts Weigh In ~ beincrypto.com
  6. British Pound Recovers With Rishi Sunak as UK Prime Minister, But What About Crypto? ~ beincrypto.com
  7. Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Speaks Against Crypto ETF, Calls for More Regulation ~ beincrypto.com
  8. Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings ~ decrypt.co
  9. Reddit NFTs Generate Over $2.5M in Sales Volume ~ beincrypto.com
  10. Crypto Exchange Binance Wants To Collaborate With Elon Musk on Running Twitter: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  11. Quant Analyst PlanB Says Major Bottom Signal Flashing for Bitcoin As BTC Aims for $21,000 Level ~ dailyhodl.com
  12. Crypto Lender Hodlnaut Founders Deleted Over 1,000 Files, Shows Singapore Court Report ~ beincrypto.com
  13. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried in Favor of ‘Really Thorough’ Stablecoin Regulation — Here’s Why ~ dailyhodl.com
  14. Crypto Insights Firm Says Shiba Inu Could Abruptly Follow Dogecoin Rally As SHIB Gains Steam Against Bitcoin ~ dailyhodl.com
  15. Dogecoin Leaps 94% in Weekly Gains Following Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition ~ decrypt.co
  16. What Are Nouns? The Ethereum NFT DAO Building Open-Source IP ~ decrypt.co
  17. This Week on Crypto Twitter: Musk Takeover, Twitter Crypto Wallet in the Works ~ decrypt.co
  18. Top Crypto Strategist Forecasts Massive Rallies for Ethereum, Avalanche and One Red-Hot Altcoin — Here Are His Targets ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

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