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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. US Space Force conducts training on ‘live fire’ satellite jamming ~ space.com
  2. Ingenuity Mars helicopter soars on 32nd flight ~ space.com
  3. ‘Semper Supra:’ Space Force unveils official song for ‘boldly reaching into space’ ~ space.com
  4. Reusable ‘Susie’ spacecraft could launch future European deep-space missions ~ space.com
  5. NASA on Track for Artemis I Cryogenic Demonstration Test on Wednesday ~ scitechdaily.com
  6. Asteroid impacts shifted the moon’s poles over billions of years ~ space.com
  7. Best neutral density filters in 2022 ~ space.com
  8. NASA’s DART asteroid-impact mission will be a key test of planetary defense ~ space.com
  9. Help find weird comet-like asteroids that could reveal solar system secrets ~ space.com
  10. Soyuz MS-22 to loft two Russians and one American to ISS ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  11. NASA is ready to knock an asteroid off course with its DART spacecraft ~ newscientist.com
  12. A New Shepard Exploded. Fortunately, There Wasn’t Anyone on Board ~ universetoday.com
  13. NASA’s Stakeholder Collaborations Help Inform Moon to Mars Planning ~ nasa.gov
  14. Solar Orbiter Captures the First Ever Image of a Magnetic Solar Switchback on the Sun ~ universetoday.com
  15. Autumnal equinox 2022: Twilight and myths of the equinox and 6-month polar night ~ space.com
  16. On This Day In Space: Sept. 20, 1970: Luna 16 lands on the moon ~ space.com
  17. Listen to Space Rocks Crash Into Mars — Recorded by NASA’s InSight Lander ~ scitechdaily.com
  18. Mars Is Mighty: First Webb Space Telescope Images of Red Planet ~ scitechdaily.com
  19. NASA chief says cooperation with China in space is up to China ~ space.com
  20. Problem Detected on the James Webb Space Telescope — MIRI Anomaly ~ scitechdaily.com
  21. Space roar: The mystery of the loudest sound in the universe ~ space.com
  22. China Mars mission data offers evidence for ancient ocean ~ space.com
  23. See the crescent moon pose with Pollux this week ~ space.com
  24. InSite Heard Four Meteoroids Crash Into Mars ~ universetoday.com
  25. NASA’s Mars lander hears the ‘bloop’ of meteorites hitting the Red Planet ~ space.com
  26. Should Low Earth Orbit be a protected environmental ecosystem? ~ universetoday.com
  27. How big is the asteroid threat, really? ~ space.com
  28. NASA set for “kinder, gentler” SLS tanking test ~ spacenews.com
  29. NASA’s Insight lander captures sound of meteorites hitting Mars ~ spaceexplored.com
  30. KSAT’s ground network to enable Pixxel take-off ~ spacewatch.global
  31. Astroscale partners with NorthStar to develop in-space technology for space sustainability ~ spacewatch.global
  32. Spaceflight and Rocket Factory partner to fly Sherpa OTVs from Europe ~ spacewatch.global
  33. New report raises questions on DoD’s multi-orbit plan for space sensors ~ spacenews.com
  34. SAIC to build small satellites with startup Rogue Space ~ spacenews.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Suffers $160M Hack, Claims Funds ‘Safe’ ~ beincrypto.com
  2. Bitcoin (BTC) Hammer Candlestick Keeps Bullish Hopes Alive, While Ethereum (ETH) Continues to Fall ~ beincrypto.com
  3. Coinbase CEO Draws Criticism For Suggesting Crypto Industry is ‘Moving Offshore’ ~ beincrypto.com
  4. Huobi Global to List Inery Token on September 28, 2022 ~ beincrypto.com
  5. NFT Marketplace OpenSea to Integrate Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbitrum ~ decrypt.co
  6. How METAT8 Esports Dominated the Axie Infinity World Championship ~ decrypt.co
  7. Binance Expands Stablecoin BUSD to Polygon, Avalanche ~ decrypt.co
  8. HashKey DID Announces Strategic Cooperation With HKUST’s Crypto-fintech Lab ~ beincrypto.com
  9. MicroStrategy Adds 301 BTC to Balance Sheet as BTC Drops Below $19,000 ~ beincrypto.com
  10. First Such Signal in Bitcoin (BTC) History: Death Cross on 200W MA ~ beincrypto.com
  11. Flynt Finance AMA Session With BeInCrypto ~ beincrypto.com
  12. Metaverse Tokens SAND and MANA See Price Breakout on the Horizon ~ beincrypto.com
  13. Russia Plans to Offer International Crypto Payment Options, Says Finance Ministry Official ~ beincrypto.com
  14. Almost 94% of the Total Supply of Binance BUSD Held in Just Four Wallets ~ beincrypto.com
  15. Are CryptoPunks NFTs Losing Steam? Sales Fall Below $100M for Seventh Consecutive Month ~ beincrypto.com
  16. Nasdaq To Offer Institutional Crypto Custody Service With Plans for Expansion: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  17. Here’s the Best-Case Scenario for Ethereum (ETH), According to Its Co-Creator ~ dailyhodl.com
  18. Macro Guru Raoul Pal Says One Ethereum Rival May Become Crypto Giant in Next Cycle ~ dailyhodl.com
  19. U.S. State of Colorado Now Accepts Tax Payments in Crypto ~ beincrypto.com
  20. Nasdaq to Launch Digital Assets Group With Crypto Custody Service ~ beincrypto.com
  21. How the Bitcoin Price Might React as Institutional Interest Diminishes ~ beincrypto.com
  22. Algorithmic Market Maker Wintermute Hacked for $160M ~ decrypt.co
  23. Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Suffers $160M Hack, Claims Funds ‘Safe’ ~ beincrypto.com
  24. ApeCoin Jumps Double-Digits as Staking Program Draws Near ~ decrypt.co
  25. Alameda Research to repay US$200 mln crypto loan to Voyager Digital ~ forkast.news
  26. Why Uniswap TVL Data Is Wrong and How It Affects UNI Price ~ beincrypto.com
  27. India’s CoinDCX Twitter handle hacked to peddle XRP ~ forkast.news
  28. New York Bankruptcy Court Orders Alameda to Repay $200M Voyager Loan ~ beincrypto.com
  29. Markets: Bitcoin back above US$19,000 while Ether posts strongest gains since post-Merge ~ forkast.news
  30. Robinhood Lists USDC as First Stablecoin on Trading Platform ~ decrypt.co
  31. Microstrategy Stock Drops 6% Amid Latest $6M Bitcoin Buy ~ decrypt.co
  32. Helium Founders, T-Mobile Launch Crypto-Powered 5G Mobile Service ~ decrypt.co
  33. Nasdaq to Launch Institutional Crypto Custody Service: Report ~ decrypt.co
  34. Australia Senator says China’s CBDC may threaten national security ~ forkast.news
  35. All Your Ethereum Transactions Belong to Us, Claims the SEC ~ beincrypto.com
  36. Crypto Awaits Sizable Rate Hike from the Fed: Here’s What to Expect ~ beincrypto.com
  37. WazirX to Follow Binance in Converting Stablecoins to BUSD ~ beincrypto.com
  38. If the UK wants to become a crypto hub, it must do better ~ forkast.news
  39. Why Uniswap TVL Data Is Wrong and How It Affects UNI Price ~ beincrypto.com
  40. Coinshift Integrates Superfluid To Automate Crypto-Native Payroll With Ongoing Money Streams ~ dailyhodl.com
  41. South Korea and Meta to ramp up metaverse safety ~ forkast.news
  42. India’s WazirX to delist USDC, apply auto convert to Binance’s stablecoin ~ forkast.news
  43. Crypto Wallet Provider Looks to Turn Philippines Resort in Boracay into ‘Bitcoin Island’ ~ beincrypto.com
  44. Nasdaq To Launch Institutional Crypto Custody Service: Report ~ decrypt.co
  45. Hong Kong needs at least two years to build wholesale CBDC: HKMA ~ forkast.news
  46. US Treasury seeks public opinion on digital asset risks ~ forkast.news
  47. Binance leads funding round in blockchain specialist Salus Security ~ forkast.news
  48. Seedify Reveals Steampunk-themed PFP Avatar Collection ~ beincrypto.com
  49. Coinshift Integrates Superfluid To Automate Crypto-native Payroll ~ beincrypto.com
  50. Top Crypto Analyst Unveils Bitcoin Bottom Scenario, Updates Outlook on Ethereum and XRP ~ dailyhodl.com
  51. FTX CEO Issues Scam Warning After UK Finance Regulator Suggests the Exchange is Operating Unlawfully ~ beincrypto.com
  52. Bitcoin (BTC) Hammer Candlestick Keeps Bullish Hopes Alive ~ beincrypto.com
  53. Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Suffers $160 Million Hack ~ beincrypto.com
  54. Markets: Dogecoin reenters top 10 tokens by market cap, Bitcoin and Ethereum up ~ forkast.news
  55. YouTube Gaming Streamer Alliestrasza Joins Forces With Splinterlands ~ beincrypto.com
  56. Ethereum Proof of Work Surges 30% After Binance Completes Distribution ~ beincrypto.com
  57. Crypto Wallet Provider Looks to Turn Philippines Resort Boracay into ‘Bitcoin Island’ ~ beincrypto.com
  58. Alameda to Repay $200M in Bitcoin and Ethereum to Bankrupt Crypto Broker Voyager ~ decrypt.co
  59. Crypto research firm founder accused of promoting ICO for compensation ~ forkast.news
  60. South Korea unlikely to push out crypto regulation before the U.S., authority says ~ forkast.news
  61. Metaverse Technology Company Peer Inc. Partners With Fresh Consulting To Bring the AR Metaverse to Market ~ dailyhodl.com
  62. Crypto Strategist Who Nailed Bitcoin 2018 Low Calls Ethereum Bottom, Says ETH Primed for New Leg Up ~ dailyhodl.com
  63. Massive Cardano (ADA) Rally in Play Heading Into Vasil Upgrade, According to Analyst Michaël van de Poppe ~ dailyhodl.com
  64. Miners Sold Nearly 15,000 Ethereum Leading Up to the Merge ~ decrypt.co
  65. Nova Labs Seals Deal With T-Mobile to Launch First Crypto 5G Network ~ beincrypto.com
  66. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Names One Upgrade That Will Be Earth-Moving for Ethereum — And It’s Not the Merge ~ dailyhodl.com
  67. Coinbase Announces Support for Three Ethereum (ETH) Altcoins, Sparking Several Crypto Rallies ~ dailyhodl.com
  68. Billionaire Gemini Founder Cameron Winklevoss Says White House Crypto Report Misses The Mark — Here’s Why ~ dailyhodl.com
  69. Sagaverse, an Engine and Protocol for Web 3.0 Social Media, Has Raised a Total of $1.5 Million From Com2Us and Innovation Norway, Including a Handful of Super Angels ~ dailyhodl.com
  70. XRP Lawsuit: SEC Made One ‘Glaring’ Mistake In Recent Filing for Summary Judgment: Crypto Lawyer ~ dailyhodl.com
  71. Roole Locates Stolen Vehicles Globally via Nodle Network’s On-Chain Services ~ dailyhodl.com
  72. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Says Regulation Could Prevent Next Crypto Contagion ~ dailyhodl.com
  73. Kitsumon Launches NFT Breeding Gameplay ~ dailyhodl.com
  74. SEC Charges Crypto Influencer, Appears To Suggest All Ethereum (ETH) Transactions Fall Under US Jurisdiction ~ dailyhodl.com
  75. Axelar Partners With LongHash Ventures To Launch Its First Global Cross-Chain Accelerator Program ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. Face recognition technology for pigs could improve welfare on farms ~ newscientist.com
  2. Plan to cut Ethereum energy use sees miners switch cryptocurrencies ~ newscientist.com

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