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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Young star shoots out jet like a garden sprinkler in Orion Nebula (photo) ~ space.com
  2. Virgin Galactic looks ahead to future spaceplanes as it gears up for return to space ~ spacenews.com
  3. More 1sts for Fomalhaut: A view of 3 nested belts ~ earthsky.org
  4. Moon’s inner core is solid just like Earth’s, scientists say ~ earthsky.org
  5. China prepares resupply mission, lands space plane, and readies methane rocket ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  6. SSTL and Oxford Space Systems to launch CarbSAR ~ spacewatch.global
  7. Watch SpaceX launch 51 Starlink satellites to orbit today ~ space.com
  8. What if Titan Dragonfly had a Fusion Engine? ~ universetoday.com
  9. Meteorites Store a Magnetic Memory of the Early Solar System ~ universetoday.com
  10. ‘Oppenheimer’ trailer reveals Cillian Murphy as Manhattan Project’s genius bomb maker ~ space.com
  11. 14th IAA Symposium — Day 3 — Krienings morning outlook ~ spacewatch.global
  12. Starlink Group 2–9 mission to mark SpaceX’s 31st launch of 2023 ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  13. ClearSpace to launch the first active debris removal mission with Arianespace ~ spacewatch.global
  14. Israeli startup WeSpace aims to launch robotic ‘moon hopper’ by 2026 ~ space.com
  15. Mystery solved? Runaway black hole chased by tail of stars may be galaxy in disguise ~ space.com
  16. China launches cargo mission to Tiangong space station ~ space.com
  17. Vast Space to launch 1st private station on SpaceX rocket in 2025 ~ space.com
  18. Space Force to build digital infrastructure to train operators and test hardware ~ spacenews.com
  19. Saturn now has over 100 known moons — more than any other planet ~ newscientist.com
  20. 14th IAA Symposium — Day 3 — Interview with Niklas Aksteiner, DLR Bremen ~ spacewatch.global
  21. 14th IAA Symposium — Day 3 — Interview with Thomas Terzidaschian, DLR Berlin ~ spacewatch.global
  22. SmartSat Unveils Prototype Terminal for Military Communications ~ spacewatch.global
  23. SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT to provide ground station services to JAXA ~ spacewatch.global
  24. Webb Examined an Asteroid Belt and Found More Than it Bargained For ~ universetoday.com
  25. China launches resupply mission, lands space plane, and readies methane rocket ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  26. Hubble Telescope gazes into the heart of a monstrous galaxy cluster (photo) ~ space.com
  27. Hubble telescope spies ‘peek-a-boo’ exoplanets amid star’s tilted dust rings ~ space.com
  28. China launches Tianzhou 6 cargo ship to Tiangong space station ~ space.com
  29. SpaceX launches 51 Starlink satellites, lands rocket on ship at sea ~ space.com
  30. Who is Cosmo the Spacedog? All you need to know about ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s’ telepathic pup ~ space.com
  31. Fomalhaut has 3 nested belts around the star ~ earthsky.org
  32. We Asked a NASA Scientist: Why is Venus Called Earth’s Evil Twin? ~ scitechdaily.com
  33. Galactic Mistake? Astronomers May Have Solved the Mystery of the Runaway Supermassive Black Hole ~ scitechdaily.com
  34. Astronauts on Space Station Gear Up for Science While Cosmonauts Relax Before Spacewalk ~ scitechdaily.com
  35. Vast announces plans for first commercial space station ~ spacenews.com
  36. America’s SPAC-funded NewSpace industry is crashing ~ spacenews.com
  37. EnduroSat raises $10 million ~ spacenews.com
  38. On National Security | The space surveillance arms race is in full swing ~ spacenews.com
  39. Rocket Lab sees itself as leader of the small launch industry ~ spacenews.com
  40. Rocket Lab just snatched up a second mission from another company ~ spaceexplored.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. Sparklo Continues Its Bullish Trend As Shiba Inu And Stellar Decline ~ beincrypto.com
  2. The Most Devastating Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches So Far This Decade ~ beincrypto.com
  3. General Meta Network Is Set To Disrupt The Play-to-Earn Industry ~ beincrypto.com
  4. Vietnam Court Holds Trial in $1.5M Crypto Robbery and Kidnapping Case ~ beincrypto.com
  5. Bitcoin, Ethereum Push Higher As Inflation Slows to 4.9% in April ~ decrypt.co
  6. Warner Music Singapore Collaborates With Affyn ~ beincrypto.com
  7. Avorak AI First To Detect Ethereum Users Suffering “sandwich” Attacks ~ beincrypto.com
  8. Twitter Scammer Pleads Guilty to $794,000 Celeb Crypto Theft ~ beincrypto.com
  9. Here’s How Cardano Could Compete With Ethereum After Its Hydra Layer-2 Release ~ beincrypto.com
  10. South Korea freezes US$176 mln of Terraform CEO Do Kwon’s domestic assets ~ forkast.news
  11. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Surges 9% as Network Upgrade Approaches, Should You Buy or Sell? ~ beincrypto.com
  12. Traditional Finance Lobbies Against UK Crypto Regulation, Citing Risks for Consumers ~ beincrypto.com
  13. Pepe Price Down and Luna Price Dips 7%, While AiDoge Nears $5m ~ beincrypto.com
  14. Chia Wants to Be a Player in the NFT Gaming Space. Can It Catch Up? ~ decrypt.co
  15. President Biden Decries Tax Loopholes for ‘Wealthy Crypto Investors’ ~ decrypt.co
  16. Push to Launch American CBDC Will Drive Feverish Interest In Bitcoin, Says MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor ~ dailyhodl.com
  17. How blockchain gaming can break out of its niche and win over more people ~ forkast.news
  18. Michael Saylor: Bitcoin Ordinals Are a ‘Catalyst’ for Adoption ~ decrypt.co
  19. Bitcoin, Ether edge up; Litecoin leads winners, Matic the losers; U.S. equity futures flat ~ forkast.news
  20. Bitcoin Supplies Shift to Asia as American War on Crypto Escalates ~ beincrypto.com
  21. Europe’s Crypto Regulations Can Be a ‘Model’ for Rules in US, Says Hester Peirce ~ decrypt.co
  22. US President Biden Blames Republicans for Defending Wealthy Crypto Investors ~ beincrypto.com
  23. Bitcoin Core Dev Wages War Against BRC-20 Ordinals ‘Network Spam’ ~ beincrypto.com
  24. Memecoins: Gateway to Crypto Adoption or Dangerous Distraction? ~ beincrypto.com
  25. Bitcoin, Ether prices fall; Asian equities, U.S. stock futures drop ahead of key inflation data ~ forkast.news
  26. Hong Kong will have ‘tight’ crypto regulation, says HKMA chief Eddie Yue ~ forkast.news
  27. How Litecoin Became a Beneficiary of the BTC Ordinals Craze ~ beincrypto.com
  28. CBOE Seeks ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF Green Light Despite Regulatory Hurdles ~ beincrypto.com
  29. Bitcoin Gearing Up for Parabolic Rip, Says Crypto Trader — Here’s His Target ~ dailyhodl.com
  30. Global Move to End Reliance on US Dollar Underway, With Nations Buying Gold in a ‘Very Big Way’: Ex-Morgan Stanley Head ~ dailyhodl.com
  31. Analyst Known for Calling Bottoms Predicts Ethereum Correction, Says ETH Screaming Bearish Signal ~ dailyhodl.com
  32. Big Eyes Thrives Bear Market as Ethereum and Solana Recover ~ beincrypto.com
  33. Steal This Article — And You Could Make Its Author Very Rich ~ decrypt.co
  34. Move Over Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, DogeMiyagi Emerges Stronger ~ beincrypto.com
  35. Crypto and Blockchain Set to Take Spotlight at Universal Peace Gala ~ beincrypto.com
  36. Is Decentraland (MANA) Price About to See a Turnaround? ~ beincrypto.com
  37. US Kicks Off Digital Asset Regulation With Joint House Hearing ~ beincrypto.com
  38. Another Crypto Firm, Galaxy Digital, Says Goodbye to the US ~ beincrypto.com
  39. Yachtify (Ycht) Rising in Relevance as Bitcoin (Btc) Faces Transaction Issues ~ beincrypto.com
  40. Binance Sets Sights on UK Amid US Crypto Crackdown ~ beincrypto.com
  41. Bitcoin Rises as Lower April Inflation Strengthens Rate Pause Narrative ~ beincrypto.com
  42. Tether Posts Massive First Quarter Profits of $1.48 Billion ~ decrypt.co
  43. Elon Musk Tweets Miladys NFT Meme — Price Predictably Pumps ~ decrypt.co
  44. Introducing Wrapped Tokens — The New Lossless Security Technology for ERC-20 Tokens ~ beincrypto.com
  45. Litecoin (LTC) Price Struggles as Support Level Breaks — Bearish Outlook Ahead? ~ beincrypto.com
  46. Crypto Mastermind Makes Over $34,350,000 ‘Attacking’ Traders on Ethereum (ETH): Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  47. Trader Who Nailed 2022 Bitcoin Bottom Warns of Downside Risk for BTC, Says Markets Looking for Reason To Correct ~ dailyhodl.com
  48. Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Moody’s, others to join new financial industry blockchain ~ forkast.news
  49. America Doesn’t Need to Keep up on Crypto, Says Rep. Brad Sherman ~ beincrypto.com
  50. Litecoin and Four Additional Altcoins Presenting Opportunity for Crypto Bulls: Analytics Firm Santiment ~ dailyhodl.com
  51. Alo Yoga Retail Chain Debuts In-Store NFT Claim With MoonPay ~ decrypt.co
  52. Which Crypto Could Boom — VeChain, Tradecurve, Or Binance? ~ beincrypto.com
  53. Are Crypto Firms Running Out of Patience Trying to Keep Up With Changing Regulations? ~ beincrypto.com
  54. Venom To Launch a Blockchain Hub With Kenyan Government ~ dailyhodl.com
  55. Can New York AG’s Crypto Proposal Offer Investors Greater Protection? ~ decrypt.co
  56. This 23-Year Old Snapchat Star Can Be Your AI Girlfriend — For a Price ~ decrypt.co
  57. DOJ: Crypto Assets ‘Touch Every Aspect of Criminal Activity We Investigate’ ~ decrypt.co
  58. Lawmakers Say Crypto Turf War Between SEC and CFTC Is an ‘Industry-Fueled Narrative’ ~ decrypt.co
  59. Roblox Users Surge 22% to New Peak Despite Fading Metaverse Hype ~ decrypt.co
  60. Uniswap Volume Leapfrogs Coinbase Thanks to Pepe and Meme Coins ~ decrypt.co
  61. What is MiCA? The European Union’s Landmark Crypto Regulation Explained ~ decrypt.co
  62. Marathon Digital CEO: Crypto Crash Has Cleaned Out ‘Unsavory Operators’ ~ decrypt.co
  63. Bitcoin Developer Calls to Block Ordinals, BRC-20 Tokens From Network ~ decrypt.co
  64. FSOC’s Policy Recommendations Could Have Prevented FTX: Deputy Assistant ~ decrypt.co
  65. Binance Debuts ‘Capital Connect’ to Link Institutional Investors with Crypto Fund Managers ~ decrypt.co
  66. Rosario Dawson to Star in NFT-Backed Anime Series from Gala ~ decrypt.co
  67. gm: Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows on Deathbats, Fandom, and AI ~ decrypt.co
  68. Bitcoin busts through US$28,000 as U.S. inflation falls to 4.9% ~ forkast.news
  69. EY launches EY OpsChain ESG to track carbon credits and emissions ~ forkast.news
  70. Hong Kong’s OSL Asset Management wins license to invest in blockchain, Web3, Artificial Intelligence ~ forkast.news
  71. Litecoin transactions jump amid Bitcoin blockchain congestion, higher fees ~ forkast.news
  72. $95 Million Loans Backed By NFTs: What Could Go Wrong? ~ beincrypto.com
  73. The SEC Is Unfit to Regulate Crypto ~ beincrypto.com
  74. Red Alert: 76 Cryptocurrencies Are Now Illegal! ~ beincrypto.com
  75. Crypto Wallets Enter the Biometric Era, 12 Years After Phones ~ beincrypto.com
  76. Dogecoin Price Keeps Struggling, But New Meme $SPONGE Remains Bullish ~ beincrypto.com
  77. NFT Cross-Margin Protocol ParaSpace Reports Big Hole in Treasury ~ beincrypto.com
  78. Argentina’s Crypto Ban Propels Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate in Polls ~ beincrypto.com
  79. AscendEX Lists DOSE, The Token Of Fitness And Gaming ~ beincrypto.com
  80. Crypto Traders Are About to FOMO Into This Asset, Says Bloomberg Analyst Mike McGlone ~ dailyhodl.com
  81. US Crypto Industry Now ‘Very Difficult’ To Do Business In, Says Binance Executive: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  82. PUBLC Beats Google to the Punch by Integrating Large Language Models Into Its Search Engine ~ dailyhodl.com
  83. Crypto Exchange Bittrex Files for Bankruptcy Following SEC Enforcement Action After Nearly a Decade in Business ~ dailyhodl.com
  84. Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Rise on Inflation Data As Countdown to US Debt Default Looms ~ dailyhodl.com
  85. Coinbase Adds Newly Launched Aptos (APT) Rival to Listing Roadmap As Crypto Markets Correct ~ dailyhodl.com
  86. Solana, Polygon, Avalanche and Others Will Bleed Against Bitcoin in Massive ‘Altcoin Reckoning’: Benjamin Cowen ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. Ceiling robots can reconfigure room lights and curtains ~ newscientist.com
  2. Colour-changing wrap could let you know when food has spoiled ~ newscientist.com

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