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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. ThrustMe to Provide Turion Space with Vital Propulsion Capacities ~ spacewatch.global
  2. NUVIEW on Mission to Map Entire Globe in 3D with LiDAR for First Time ~ spacewatch.global
  3. ARS Officially Launches European Operation in Germany ~ spacewatch.global
  4. How to watch the Flower Moon lunar eclipse today in a free livestream ~ space.com
  5. Today’s Lunar Eclipse Will Be a Subtle Show of Astronomical Wonder ~ scitechdaily.com
  6. The end may be near for ice-hunting Artemis 1 moon cubesat ~ space.com
  7. Eta Aquarid meteor shower 2023 peaking now! See pieces of Halley’s Comet in the night sky ~ space.com
  8. ‘Star Wars: Visions Vol. 2’ director tells a ghost story in the galaxy far, far away (exclusive) ~ space.com
  9. Gargantuan ‘superflare’ from distant star may have launched one of the strongest solar storms ever seen ~ space.com
  10. Star-Crossed Black Holes: The Cosmic Collision That Will Shake The Universe ~ scitechdaily.com
  11. ENENSYS Multi-Wide Beam Technology selected by Thales Alenia Space ~ spacewatch.global
  12. May’s Full Flower Moon rises tonight after a lunar eclipse ~ space.com
  13. ‘Silo’ star Tim Robbins on joining Apple TV+’s latest dystopian drama (exclusive) ~ space.com
  14. SpaceX won’t launch next private astronaut crew for Axiom Space in early May after all ~ space.com
  15. BlackSky seeks to extend operations of satellites running on empty ~ spacenews.com
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 review: The emotional sendoff the team deserved ~ space.com
  17. Artemis 2 astronaut to carry Canada’s flag at King Charles’ coronation ~ space.com
  18. Tour 10 mind-bending supermassive black holes in this NASA video ~ space.com
  19. NASA, Rocket Lab Update Launch Coverage for Tropical Cyclones Mission ~ nasa.gov
  20. Orbex Begins Work on UK Mainland Vertical Launch Spaceport ~ spacewatch.global
  21. #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Space Law 2023: Can nationalists and internationalists find common ground? ~ spacewatch.global
  22. It’s Surprisingly Easy to Hurl Rocks From Mars Into Space ~ universetoday.com
  23. Scientists discover closest star-shredding black hole to Earth ever seen ~ space.com
  24. See Artemis 3 landing site near moon’s south pole in stunning new NASA photos ~ space.com
  25. Uranus’ 4 biggest moons may have buried oceans of salty water ~ space.com
  26. Fox names Lance Armstrong, Ariel Winter among ‘celebronauts’ on ‘Stars On Mars’ ~ space.com
  27. Vast, Hidden Oceans Discovered on Four of Uranus’ Large Moons ~ scitechdaily.com
  28. DoD spending on commercial space services negligible, despite growing Space Force budget ~ spacenews.com
  29. Society and Technology: The Space Observing Imperative ~ spacenews.com
  30. Europe wants to build a fully reusable heavy-lift rocket ~ spaceexplored.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. White House Meets With AI Leaders in Attempt to ‘Protect Our Society’ ~ decrypt.co
  2. Gambling Games for ‘OG and Crypto Degens’ Coming to Solana ~ decrypt.co
  3. Bitcoin, Ether dip following Europe’s rate hikes; US equity futures edge up despite banking woes ~ forkast.news
  4. Fedi Raises $17M in a Bid to ‘Accelerate the Adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning’ ~ decrypt.co
  5. Binance Accounts Used By Hamas and Islamic State Seized by Israel ~ beincrypto.com
  6. Star Wars Limited Edition ‘Digital Toy’ NFTs Land on Flow ~ decrypt.co
  7. How standardized smart financial contracts could prevent crypto’s next black swan ~ forkast.news
  8. Could Bitcoin mining make renewable energy more profitable? ~ forkast.news
  9. FTX.US Gets Court Approval to Sell LedgerX at 83% Loss ~ beincrypto.com
  10. Deloitte Accounting Giant Joins Polkadot Ecosystem ~ beincrypto.com
  11. Rethinking Extraterrestrial Life: Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Find Aliens? ~ beincrypto.com
  12. Curve Finance DeFi Stablecoin Platform Launches crvUSD ~ beincrypto.com
  13. Bright Moments Transports Live NFT Art Minting Experience to Tokyo ~ decrypt.co
  14. Jack Dorsey’s Cash App Posts $2.16B in Bitcoin Revenue for Q1 2023 ~ decrypt.co
  15. PEPE Meme Coin Hysteria Pushes Ethereum Gas Fees to 1-Year High ~ decrypt.co
  16. Kenya eyes 3% tax on digital asset transfers ~ forkast.news
  17. PEPE Haters Rekt as Short Seller Liquidations Top $10 Million ~ beincrypto.com
  18. FBI Seizes 9 Crypto Platforms Amid Money Laundering Crackdown ~ beincrypto.com
  19. ‘Role Is Mostly Symbolic’, Says ENS Director Candidate Ahead of Elections ~ decrypt.co
  20. Israel confiscates suspicious Binance accounts allegedly linked to Islamic State: Reuters ~ forkast.news
  21. Bitcoin rediscovers its mojo as banks stumble, says Standard Chartered’s Geoff Kendrick ~ forkast.news
  22. Top 5 Altcoin Winners of the Week in the Bearish Market ~ beincrypto.com
  23. Coinbase Global Reduces Q1 Losses, Stock Price Still Subdued Due to SEC Enforcement ~ beincrypto.com
  24. Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Dips as Bears Take Over Following Token Unlock ~ beincrypto.com
  25. VEXT Is Next For Veloce In Web3 Evolution ~ beincrypto.com
  26. Q1 2023 Market Review — Will Bitcoin Rise Against the US Dollar and Back to Above $32,000 ~ dailyhodl.com
  27. Meme Coin Mania: What’s Going On and What Are the Risks? ~ decrypt.co
  28. Binance in Danger? Do You Really Need to Withdraw Your Funds? ~ beincrypto.com
  29. From Bad to Worse: 5 Cryptos That Underperformed the Most This Week ~ beincrypto.com
  30. South Korea Tightens Crypto Rules as Hong Kong Seeks Protections ~ beincrypto.com
  31. PEPE Haters Get Rekt as Short Seller Liquidations Top $10M ~ beincrypto.com
  32. Banking Crisis Is Tip of the Iceberg, Warns Macro Investor Bert Dohmen — Here’s His Outlook ~ dailyhodl.com
  33. China’s Henan state-owned investment group sets up US$22 mln metaverse fund ~ forkast.news
  34. Crypto Whales Shift Attention From Cardano And Aptos To Yachtify? ~ beincrypto.com
  35. Investors Have Their Eyes on Sparklo’s Presale While XRP and Dogecoin Consolidate ~ beincrypto.com
  36. Can Bitcoin (BTC) Price Bounce Back Over $30,000? This Indicator Suggests it Could ~ beincrypto.com
  37. Metacade Starts Game Development Phase as MCADE Tokens Hit Major Exchanges ~ beincrypto.com
  38. Balaji Srinivasan Pays Out $1,500,000 To Close Bitcoin Bet, Says He Raised Public Alarm Since No One Else Will ~ dailyhodl.com
  39. Meme Coins Have to Be Played Right to Generate Wealth, Report Finds ~ beincrypto.com
  40. Argentina Bans Payment Apps From Offering Bitcoin to Customers ~ decrypt.co
  41. Crackdown on Crypto ATMs Sets UK Apart From Other Nations ~ beincrypto.com
  42. Stocks Track Bitcoin Upward Despite Apparent Hot Jobs Report ~ beincrypto.com
  43. How Hackers Can Use ChatGPT to Steal Browser Recovery Phrases ~ beincrypto.com
  44. Media Companies Demand Names of FTX Customers in the US and Abroad ~ beincrypto.com
  45. White House Unveils Strategy for Digital Identity and Distributed Ledger ~ beincrypto.com
  46. Bitcoin Whale Abruptly Moves Over $450,000,000 in BTC — Here’s Where the Crypto Is Going ~ dailyhodl.com
  47. This Week in Crypto News: Frog Beats Dog, and Impending US Financial Meltdown ~ beincrypto.com
  48. Shiba Inu Price Disappointing Holders As Investors Look To Sparklo ~ beincrypto.com
  49. The Rise and Fall of the Kazakhstan Bitcoin Mining Industry ~ beincrypto.com
  50. Sensorium Unveils Sensorium Arc — A New Decentralized Platform for the Web 3.0 Era ~ dailyhodl.com
  51. Under-the-Radar ‘Code Collaboration’ Altcoin Rips 137% This Week Amid New Protocol Upgrade ~ dailyhodl.com
  52. Voyager Gives Up Finding Buyer, Plans to Liquidate After Binance Deal Goes Bust ~ decrypt.co
  53. Can Ethereum (ETH) Price Finally Break Through $2,000 Resistance? ~ beincrypto.com
  54. Trader Who Nailed Bitcoin Bottom Says Banking Crisis Could Turn Crypto Market Bullish — Here’s His Outlook ~ dailyhodl.com
  55. Coinbase Won’t Support Gala Games V2 Token Airdrop — Why Not? ~ decrypt.co
  56. Terra’s Do Kwon Caught in Jurisdictional Battle Between US and South Korea ~ decrypt.co
  57. Solana Games GM: Play-to-Earn Games Are Defi Products, Not Games ~ decrypt.co
  58. Developer Inserts ‘Bug’ in Bitcoin Ordinals — How Bad Is It? ~ decrypt.co
  59. COIN Pumps 14% After Coinbase Posts Bullish Q1 Earnings Report ~ decrypt.co
  60. Binance Lists PEPE as Meme Coin Market Cap Hits $1 Billion ~ decrypt.co
  61. You Can Mint a Free Ethereum NFT for King Charles’ Coronation ~ decrypt.co
  62. PEPE, FLOKI to list on Binance exchange ~ forkast.news
  63. Weekly Market Wrap: Bitcoin rises above US$29,000, Ether recaptures US$1,900 ~ forkast.news
  64. Bitcoin rises, Solana leads losses across top 10 cryptos, U.S. dollar slides amid banking sector concerns ~ forkast.news
  65. Quantum Computing Supremacy Unleashed: AI Chatbots Are Doomed ~ beincrypto.com
  66. Ethereum Dencun Upgrade to Offer Lower Transaction Fees ~ beincrypto.com
  67. The SEC Hands Out $279 Million in Largest-Ever Whistleblower Award ~ beincrypto.com
  68. El Salvador’s Bold Move: A Tax-Free Tech Haven ~ beincrypto.com
  69. WOJAK Skyrockets 1040% in Seven Days, But Experts Advise Caution ~ beincrypto.com
  70. Dogecoin (DOGE) Price in Limbo: Will it Breakout or Breakdown? ~ beincrypto.com
  71. Five Crypto Companies Among the Biggest Financial Frauds in America ~ beincrypto.com
  72. Can Ripple (XRP) Whales Trigger Another Rally to Reclaim $0.50? ~ beincrypto.com
  73. Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Forecast: Can the Memecoin Bounce Back? ~ beincrypto.com
  74. New York Attorney General Drafts Tighter Crypto Regulations ~ beincrypto.com
  75. North Carolina House of Representatives Passes Bill That Would Ban State From Using and Participating in CBDC Testing ~ dailyhodl.com
  76. Popular Crypto Trader Says Altcoins Are Breaking Out, Points to Huge Explosion by New Memecoin ~ dailyhodl.com
  77. Top US Crypto Exchange Coinbase Rolls Out Official Trading Support for Ethereum-Based Cross-Chain Bridge Altcoin ~ dailyhodl.com
  78. Prosecutors Seek To Extradite Embattled Terra Founder Do Kwon to South Korea: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  79. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Rival That’s Exploded Over 1,300% in a Week Hits New All-Time High After Binance Listing ~ dailyhodl.com
  80. One Looming Catalyst Could Trigger Bitcoin and Crypto Crash, Warns Bloomberg Analyst Mike McGlone ~ dailyhodl.com
  81. VEXT Is Next for Veloce in Web 3.0 Evolution ~ dailyhodl.com
  82. Pro-XRP Lawyer Says US Moving Backwards on Regulatory Clarity, Argues SEC Has Failed To Protect Investors ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. ChatGPT seems to be trained on copyrighted books like Harry Potter ~ newscientist.com
  2. Mechanical backpack boosts the sensation of jumping in virtual reality ~ newscientist.com
  3. How Elon Musk and Reddit are leading a war on AI web scraping ~ newscientist.com

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