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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. We’ve seen a star devouring a planet for the first time ~ newscientist.com
  2. These shows are launching on Disney Plus for Star Wars Day 2023 ~ space.com
  3. NASA Welcomes Czech Foreign Minister for Artemis Accords Signing ~ nasa.gov
  4. Remnants of the universe’s first stars may have been found ~ newscientist.com
  5. Vice President Kamala Harris, South Korean President talk climate change in NASA visit ~ space.com
  6. Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet review ~ space.com
  7. Guts of the universe’s 1st stars found in distant gas clouds ~ space.com
  8. Scientists catch real-life Death Star devouring a planet in 1st-of-its-kind discovery ~ space.com
  9. Elon Musk pushes for orbital goal following data gathering objectives during Starship debut ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  10. ‘Climate crisis poses an existential threat’ VP Harris says as US teams with South Korea on space projects ~ space.com
  11. Watch SpaceX launch 56 Starlink satellites early Thursday ~ space.com
  12. Europe wants to build a nuclear rocket for deep space exploration ~ space.com
  13. JWST Tries to Untangle the Signals of Water. Is it Coming From the Planet or the Star? ~ universetoday.com
  14. ESA Can’t Deploy JUICE’s Radar Antenna. It Needs It to Scan Under the Ice at Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede ~ universetoday.com
  15. Gaze at a Nearby Actively Feeding Supermassive Black Hole ~ universetoday.com
  16. Watch SpaceX Falcon Heavy fairing make fiery re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere (video) ~ space.com
  17. Ride a giant sandworm in thrilling ‘Dune Part 2’ trailer ~ space.com
  18. China to launch 1st-ever sample return mission to moon’s far side in 2024 ~ space.com
  19. SpaceX Falcon Heavy lights up the night sky in these incredible launch photos ~ space.com
  20. Czech Republic signs Artemis Accords for ‘peaceful, cooperative and sustainable’ moon exploration ~ space.com
  21. Watch bluShift Aerospace test its revamped rocket engine today ~ space.com
  22. Early-universe prequel to a huge galaxy cluster ~ earthsky.org
  23. Marsquakes reveal Red Planet’s deep secrets ~ earthsky.org
  24. Black hole and its jet imaged together for 1st time ~ earthsky.org
  25. Eta Aquariid meteors are richer from the Southern Hemisphere ~ earthsky.org
  26. Voyager 2 science mission extended another 3 years ~ earthsky.org
  27. NASA Selects 12 Companies to Innovate on Key Moon and Mars Technology ~ scitechdaily.com
  28. Cosmic Cannibalism: Astronomers Witness Star Devouring Planet in Possible Preview of Earth’s Ultimate Fate ~ scitechdaily.com
  29. Astro Alchemy: Neutron Star Mergers and the Birth of Heavy Elements ~ scitechdaily.com
  30. Stellar “Ashes” — Astronomers Discover Traces of Universe’s First Stars ~ scitechdaily.com
  31. Steamy Space Mystery: Webb Telescope Finds Water Vapor, But From a Rocky Planet or Its Star? ~ scitechdaily.com
  32. Virgin Orbit getting closer to a sale with court approved plan ~ spaceexplored.com
  33. Even if There’s Life on TRAPPIST-1, We Probably Can’t Detect it ~ universetoday.com
  34. Artemis 1 cubesat nearing end of mission ~ spacenews.com
  35. Space Station Crew Preps for Spacewalk and Dragon Spaceship Relocation ~ scitechdaily.com
  36. Mars ice deposits could pave the way for human exploration ~ space.com
  37. Let There Be Light: Emerging From the Cosmic Dark Ages in the Early Universe ~ scitechdaily.com
  38. NASA squeezed oxygen from mock moon dust. It could help astronauts breathe easy one day. ~ space.com
  39. These shows are launching on Disney Plus for Star Wars Day ~ space.com
  40. European Space and Telecoms Players Sign Partnership Agreement to Bid for IRIS² ~ spacewatch.global
  41. Private equity firm closes $6.4 billion deal to acquire Maxar Technologies ~ spacenews.com
  42. Plutonium availability constrains plans for future planetary missions ~ spacenews.com
  43. SINC 2023 — Day 2 — Interview with Dr Abdulla Mausoon, Minister of Tourism of the Maledives ~ spacewatch.global
  44. What time is the lunar eclipse on May 5? ~ space.com
  45. May 5th’s ‘Teaser’ Lunar Eclipse ~ universetoday.com
  46. SINC 2023 — Day 2 — Timmermans evening summary ~ spacewatch.global
  47. SINC 2023 — Day 2 — Review with Alexandra Sokolowski ~ spacewatch.global
  48. #SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Unlocking Space Solutions for Climate Action ~ spacewatch.global
  49. Sidus Space Partners with Lulav Space on Lunar Missions ~ spacewatch.global
  50. HyImpulse Completes Eight Motor Testing Campaign ~ spacewatch.global
  51. European Space and Telecoms Players Sign Partnership Agreement to Bid for IRIS² ~ spacewatch.global
  52. SINC 2023 — Day 2 — Timmermans morning briefing ~ spacewatch.global
  53. Gravitational Lensing is Helping to Nail Down Dark Matter ~ universetoday.com
  54. Black Hole Event Horizons Can Get So Big it’ll Boggle Your Imagination ~ universetoday.com
  55. NASA awards contracts for NOAA coronagraph studies ~ spacenews.com
  56. Lockheed, Raytheon to develop ground systems for nuclear-hardened satellite communications ~ spacenews.com
  57. TTTech: Secure networking for safety-critical space systems ~ spacenews.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. US Recession About To ‘Make Landfall’ As Economic Growth Slows Sharply: Economist Steve Hanke ~ dailyhodl.com
  2. SUI Token Down 37%, Nears $1 Billion in Volume Following Network Launch ~ decrypt.co
  3. Azra Games CEO on Putting Fun Before Web3 ~ decrypt.co
  4. Bitcoin, Ethereum Flat as Fed Issues 10th Consecutive Interest Rate Hike ~ decrypt.co
  5. LeBron James Spotted in RTFKT Nike Sneakers — Clone X NFT Holders Rejoice ~ decrypt.co
  6. Stacks, Rocket Pool Surge in Price as SUI Stumbles in Debut ~ decrypt.co
  7. New York, Berlin Tied for Second Place as ‘Most Important Crypto Hub’: Survey ~ decrypt.co
  8. Speedy Sui Blockchain Officially Launches on Mainnet ~ decrypt.co
  9. gm: Meet Immunefi’s White Hat Whisperer ~ decrypt.co
  10. Crypto miner Bitdeer expands to Bhutan, partners state-owned investment arm ~ forkast.news
  11. Ron Desantis Renews Attack on CBDCs as Part of ‘Woke Politics’ ~ decrypt.co
  12. Where to Get SUI and How Will Its Tokenomics Work? ~ decrypt.co
  13. Biden administration pushes for 30% electricity tax in swipe at crypto miners ~ forkast.news
  14. zkLink Announces First “Dunkirk Test” to Establish New DeFi Safety Standard ~ beincrypto.com
  15. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin rise, BNB stumbles; US equity futures flat ahead of Fed interest rate decision ~ forkast.news
  16. Thoughts Into Text: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Decodes Human Brain ~ beincrypto.com
  17. Bitdeer to Raise $500M for Bitcoin Mining Operation in Bhutan ~ decrypt.co
  18. Binance Users Deposited Over $4B to Farm SUI Tokens Ahead of Mainnet Launch ~ decrypt.co
  19. Coinbase opens Bermuda-based crypto derivatives exchange amid conflict with U.S. regulators ~ forkast.news
  20. Here’s Why This Avalanche (AVAX) Price Pattern Could Signal Relief Ahead ~ beincrypto.com
  21. BNB Chain Leads Rivals in Monthly Active Crypto Addresses ~ beincrypto.com
  22. TUSD Stablecoin Surpassed $1.20 on Binance Amid Increased Borrowing Pressure ~ beincrypto.com
  23. Biden Proposes 30% Crypto Mining Electricity Tax to Offset Environmental Impact ~ beincrypto.com
  24. Banking Bunkum Continues as Half of US Banks Could Be Insolvent ~ beincrypto.com
  25. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wades Further Into Crypto Following Anti-CBDC Remarks ~ decrypt.co
  26. South Korean Publisher Neowiz Launches $10M Polygon Game Accelerator ~ decrypt.co
  27. Daily Bitcoin Transactions Hits All-Time High With 3 Million Ordinals Inscriptions ~ decrypt.co
  28. Bitcoin, Ether gain most among top 10 cryptos; U.S. stock futures mixed ahead of Fed’s rate decision ~ forkast.news
  29. What Are Possible Uses of ChatGPT? ~ decrypt.co
  30. Metacade’s Highly Anticipated MEXC Listing Confirmed For 4th May ~ beincrypto.com
  31. Arbitrum (ARB) Price Faces Crucial Crossroads, Can It Reach Another All-Time High? ~ beincrypto.com
  32. Bitcoin Miner Cumulative Revenue Tops $50B, Aggregate Profit at 37% ~ beincrypto.com
  33. Bitcoin Daily Transactions Hit All-Time High With 3 Million Ordinals Inscriptions ~ decrypt.co
  34. Where To Get SUI and How Will Its Tokenomics Work? ~ decrypt.co
  35. Gala Games Co-Founder on Why Mirandus Will Not Have NPCs ~ decrypt.co
  36. Fuse Network Unveil Ignite $10M DeFi Funding Program ~ beincrypto.com
  37. Bitcoin Miners Eye Clean Energy as Halving Looms ~ beincrypto.com
  38. Fed’s Impact on Bitcoin Rally: Will It Continue or Fade? ~ beincrypto.com
  39. Optimism (OP) Token Price Plunges as Investors Run To Sparklo (SPRK) ~ beincrypto.com
  40. Trading, talent and tech leveling up in NFTs ~ forkast.news
  41. AI Tokens Drop Again as Hype Evaporates ~ beincrypto.com
  42. UK Targets Crypto Fraud to Reduce $9B in Annual Losses ~ beincrypto.com
  43. $10M Fuse Ignite Funding Program Launched to Drive Business Adoption of Web3 Payments ~ beincrypto.com
  44. Symmetry Launches Revolutionary Platform for Decentralized Crypto Indices ~ beincrypto.com
  45. Why Is the US Government Determined to Undermine Crypto? ~ beincrypto.com
  46. Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Fights Back Against New York Attorney General’s Accusations ~ beincrypto.com
  47. Optimism (OP) Price Takes a Hit as DeFi Hack Triggers Investor Sell-Off ~ beincrypto.com
  48. Solana (SOL) Price Trend Update: Will May Bring a Reversal? ~ beincrypto.com
  49. Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Piles up on Coinbase Stock Despite Challenging Outlook ~ beincrypto.com
  50. Altcoin Season Sentiment Sours After Sell-Off ~ beincrypto.com
  51. Is Chiliz (CHZ) Price Taking a Hit as Football Season Ends? ~ beincrypto.com
  52. Could ‘Underwater’ Ethereum (ETH) Stakers Threaten Crypto Market Dynamics? ~ beincrypto.com
  53. The United States Goes Bankrupt on June 1. Here’s What’s Next for Crypto ~ beincrypto.com
  54. Another YouTuber, Tom Nash, Served in FTX Lawsuit ~ beincrypto.com
  55. ‘Parabolic Advance’ for Bitcoin (BTC) Now on the Table As Bullish Technical Indicator Flashes: Popular Analyst ~ dailyhodl.com
  56. American Currency Collapse Has Already Started As BRICS Nations Prepare To Battle US Dollar: Ron Paul ~ dailyhodl.com
  57. Bitcoin inscriptions: Are Ordinals a boon or a drag on the network? ~ forkast.news
  58. Lawsuit Against Coinbase Alleges Crypto Exchange Illegally Stored Customer’s Fingerprints and Facial Scans ~ dailyhodl.com
  59. Crypto Strategist Says $40,000 Still a Magnet for Bitcoin (BTC) — But There’s a Catch ~ dailyhodl.com
  60. The Oracle’s Verse Launches As World’s First Collaborative Crypto Novel on OpenSea ~ dailyhodl.com
  61. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Says Purchase of First Republic ‘Pretty Much’ Resolves US Banking Crisis: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  62. Whale Moves Over $504,000,000 in Ethereum in One Massive Transfer — Here’s Where the Crypto Is Now ~ dailyhodl.com
  63. Metacade’s Highly Anticipated MEXC Listing Confirmed for May 4, 2023 ~ dailyhodl.com
  64. Fed hikes rates by a quarter point, Bitcoin drops 0.48% ~ forkast.news
  65. Bitcoin Price Spike to $56,000 Exposes Major Liquidity Dangers on Crypto Exchanges ~ beincrypto.com
  66. MetaCannes Has Arrived. But Do We Need a Web3 Film Festival? ~ beincrypto.com
  67. US Crypto Brain Drain Sees Lisbon Crowned Top Crypto Destination ~ beincrypto.com
  68. Sui Launches Its Mainnet, Then Token Drops ~ beincrypto.com
  69. Arbitrum (ARB) Price Rises After Airdrop — What’s Next? ~ beincrypto.com
  70. Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Unveils Price Target for LTC in Next Bull Run, Says Altcoin Has a Ton of Potential ~ dailyhodl.com
  71. Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Rapidly Accumulating Coinbase (COIN) Stock As Crypto Exchange Goes International ~ dailyhodl.com
  72. New BRC-20 Token Trend Goes Parabolic on Bitcoin (BTC) Network As Transactions Skyrocket Above 2,400,000 ~ dailyhodl.com
  73. Symmetry Launches Revolutionary Platform for Decentralized Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds on Solana ~ dailyhodl.com
  74. Arbitrum-Based Altcoin Project Goes Wild After Earning Sudden Support From Coinbase ~ dailyhodl.com
  75. Analytics Firm Glassnode Tackles Rumors That Mt. Gox and US Government’s Bitcoin Is on the Move ~ dailyhodl.com
  76. Major Uptrend About To Accelerate for Bitcoin (BTC) and Stock Market, According to Economist Henrik Zeberg ~ dailyhodl.com
  77. Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek Warns To Expect Pain as US Banking Crisis Unfolds ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

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