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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Watch skyscraper-sized asteroid zoom near Earth tonight (March 25) in free livestream ~ space.com
  2. Alien mothership lurking in our solar system could be watching us with tiny probes, Pentagon official suggests ~ space.com
  3. ‘65’ star Adam Driver asks NASA about the asteroid threat to Earth (video) ~ space.com
  4. Skywatchers enjoy surprise auroras as strongest solar storm in years hits Earth (photos) ~ space.com
  5. A Stellar Achievement: NASA’s Webb Telescope Honored With Michael Collins Trophy ~ scitechdaily.com
  6. The Far-Flung Origin of Life’s Building Blocks: Researchers Uncover “Completely Unexpected” Findings ~ scitechdaily.com
  7. BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Star Projector review ~ space.com
  8. Unlocking the Secrets of Distant Worlds: How Webb’s Coronagraphs Reveal Exoplanets in the Infrared ~ scitechdaily.com
  9. Artificial intelligence could help hunt for life on Mars and other alien worlds ~ space.com
  10. How to watch Ceres, a dwarf planet 14 times smaller than Pluto, photobomb a spiral galaxy this weekend ~ space.com
  11. Watch Indian rocket launch final 36 OneWeb satellites tonight (March 25) ~ space.com
  12. See the moon shine next to the Pleiades star cluster tonight (March 25) ~ space.com
  13. The 9th Annual Achieving Mars Workshop Report has been Released! How to Make Mars Affordable… ~ universetoday.com
  14. Success and Failure: Relativity Space Launches its Terran 1, but the Rocket Fails to Reach Orbit. However, the Launch Photos are Incredible ~ universetoday.com
  15. OneWeb set to complete initial constellation with launch from India ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  16. New Explanation Uncovered for the Mysterious Motion of Europa’s Icy Shell ~ scitechdaily.com
  17. Blue Origin blames overheating in the engine for NS-23 failure, FAA investigation remains open ~ spaceexplored.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. Cathie Wood Buys the Dip on Coinbase Stock Two Days After Dumping ~ decrypt.co
  2. Venezuela Regulator Shuts Down Some Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Mining Farms ~ decrypt.co
  3. Coinbase Predicts a Longer Crypto Winter — Cross-Chain Liquidity Can Save the Day ~ dailyhodl.com
  4. Bitcoin Liquidity Hits 10-Month Low Amid US Banking Crisis ~ decrypt.co
  5. Under-the-Radar Web3 Altcoin Erupts 140% This Week Amid $40,000,000 Fundraising Round ~ dailyhodl.com
  6. $12,000,000,000 Asset Manager Says Investors Flocking to Bitcoin and Crypto Amid Global Banking Fallout ~ dailyhodl.com
  7. The Cayman Islands: A Safe Haven for Blockchain Companies? ~ beincrypto.com
  8. Can ImmutableX (IMX) Find New Demand as NFT Traction Slows? ~ beincrypto.com
  9. All Centralized Firms Are Alike — But Every DAO Is Decentralized in Its Own Way ~ decrypt.co
  10. Analyst Predicts Ethereum Rival Will Explode by Over 90%, Updates Outlook on XRP, Cardano and Solana ~ dailyhodl.com
  11. How Crypto Fugitives Like Do Kwon Attempted to Evade the Authorities ~ beincrypto.com
  12. This Week in Coins: Investors Rehash Bitcoin’s ‘Safe-Haven’ Status as DeSantis Takes Aim at CBDCs ~ decrypt.co
  13. Almost 1 Billion ARB Tokens Claimed, Scammer Tries to Phish Arbitrum Discord ~ beincrypto.com
  14. Ex-Coinbase CTO Claims US Dollar is No Longer Too Big to Fail, Touts Bitcoin ~ beincrypto.com
  15. Federal Reserve Slams Custodia Bank, Says it Endangers Crypto Industry and Itself ~ beincrypto.com
  16. Litecoin (LTC) Retains Whale Interest Despite Recent Price Retracement, but Can It Reclaim $100? ~ beincrypto.com
  17. The Store of Wealth Debate: Is Bitcoin Beating Hyperinflation? ~ beincrypto.com
  18. Polkadot, Kusama and Cardano Leading Crypto Space in Terms of ‘Notable GitHub Activity’: Santiment ~ dailyhodl.com
  19. Owner of Major US Stock Exchange To Launch Crypto Custody Services by June: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  20. Crypto Whales Pounce on Ethereum Scaling Altcoin, Accumulating 13,310,000 Arbitrum (ARB) After Polygon Rival’s Airdrop ~ dailyhodl.com
  21. Crypto Trader Maps Path Forward for Aptos and Chainlink, Predicts Altcoins Will Fly Once Bitcoin Cools Off ~ dailyhodl.com
  22. Major Shift in Large Shiba Inu (SHIB) Transactions Underway, According to Crypto Analytics Firm IntoTheBlock ~ dailyhodl.com
  23. Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Says US Government Waging War on Crypto, Urges Industry Leaders To Step Up ~ dailyhodl.com
  24. Bitcoin Could Easily Rip by Over 140% Amid Banking Crisis, Says Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino — Here’s the Timeline ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. Venus flytrap cyborg snaps shut with commands from a smartphone ~ newscientist.com

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