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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Axiom Space Reveals AxEMU: Next-Generation Spacesuit for Artemis III Moon Astronauts ~ scitechdaily.com
  2. Satellogic sells Earth-imagery satellites ~ spacenews.com
  3. NASA weighing continuing VERITAS versus future Discovery mission ~ spacenews.com
  4. How many rockets has SpaceX launched so far in 2023? ~ spaceexplored.com
  5. SpaceX conducts doubleheader with Starlink mission followed by launch for SES ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  6. SpaceX launches final two satellites in SES C-band clearing plan ~ spacenews.com
  7. 200-foot asteroid 2023 DZ2 to pass closer than moon ~ earthsky.org
  8. NASA Dragonfly Bound for Saturn’s Giant Moon Titan Could Reveal Chemistry Leading to Life ~ scitechdaily.com
  9. Watch the moon meet up with Saturn in the pre-dawn sky tonight ~ space.com
  10. Europe’s exoplanet-hunting CHEOPS mission extended through 2026 ~ space.com
  11. Stunning Discovery: Equatorial Relict Glacier Uncovered on Mars ~ scitechdaily.com
  12. New children’s book celebrates pioneering astronomer Maria Mitchell ~ space.com
  13. Quantum effects could be key to the chemistry of life on Titan ~ newscientist.com
  14. NASA Unveils Next-Gen Spacesuit for Artemis III Moon Surface Mission ~ scitechdaily.com
  15. Countdown to History: NASA and CSA Set To Reveal Artemis II Moon Astronauts ~ scitechdaily.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. Cardano: Rising TVL Amid a Bear Market, yet No Price Movement — What’s Next? ~ beincrypto.com
  2. Bitcoin Rallies Above $27,000, Liquidates Over $200M ~ beincrypto.com
  3. Silicon Valley Bank Implosion Whipped Up Frenzy of DeFi Transactions As Crypto Assets Rebounded: DappRadar ~ dailyhodl.com
  4. Coinbase May Launch Overseas Trading Platform Amid Domestic Crypto Crackdown: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  5. Bitcoin (BTC) Facing Massive Headwinds Despite Ongoing Rally, Warns Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten — Here’s Why ~ dailyhodl.com
  6. Four Major Crypto Exchanges Announce Support for Arbitrum (ARB) Ahead of Massive Airdrop ~ dailyhodl.com
  7. ‘Monster’ Ethereum (ETH) Rally Incoming With Additional Altcoin Set To Outperform, Says Top Crypto Analyst ~ dailyhodl.com
  8. Crypto Wallet Prototype Discovered Inside Microsoft Edge Browser ~ decrypt.co
  9. Crypto’s Strongest Advocates Can Be Its Biggest Enemies ~ beincrypto.com
  10. Loneliest Pub in the Metaverse: St. Patrick’s Day in The Sandbox ~ decrypt.co
  11. Binance Swaps BUSD for USDT and TUSD in Secure Asset Fund ~ beincrypto.com
  12. Binance Response to Senators’ Inquiry Omits Key Financial Information ~ beincrypto.com
  13. All You Need To Know About DigiToads (TOADS) ~ beincrypto.com
  14. YouTuber Dr. Disrespect Previews ‘Deadrop’ Gameplay to Thousands of Viewers ~ decrypt.co
  15. From Binance to Uniswap, Trust and Integrity Will Drive Crypto Forward in 2023 ~ dailyhodl.com
  16. How Damaging Was the Euler Hack to DeFi’s ‘Money Legos’ Promise? ~ decrypt.co
  17. DeFi Altcoin Surges 78% in Just One Week As Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Markets Rebound ~ dailyhodl.com
  18. This Week in Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum Post Mega Rallies After Banking Intervention ~ decrypt.co
  19. Tron Stablecoin Market Capitalization Crosses $40B, Justin Sun Eyes $60B ~ beincrypto.com
  20. Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach $1,000,000 Amid Major Move From Central Banks, According To BitMEX Founder Arthur Hayes ~ dailyhodl.com
  21. YouTuber Dr. Disrespect Previews Deadrop Gameplay to Thousands of Viewers ~ decrypt.co
  22. Arbitrum IOU Token Trades Around $10 as Major Exchanges List ARB ~ beincrypto.com
  23. Most Dogecoin (DOGE) Holders in Profit As Over 65% of Shiba Inu (SHIB) Owners Languish Underwater: IntoTheBlock ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. Quantum computers may finally have their first real practical use ~ newscientist.com

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