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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Watch SpaceX launch 49 Starlink internet satellites to orbit Monday after delay ~ space.com
  2. I drove 10 hours to watch a 9-minute Rocket Lab launch from Virginia and it was glorious ~ space.com
  3. Almost anyone can become an amateur astronomer. What will you find? ~ space.com
  4. Space Café Radio — ILA Spezial — mit Kai Noeske ~ spacewatch.global
  5. Astronomers See Flashes on the Sun That Could be a Sign of an Upcoming Flare ~ universetoday.com
  6. Does Failing to Detect Aliens Mean We’ll Never Be Contacted? ~ universetoday.com
  7. What are gluons? ~ space.com
  8. Webb observes Chariklo’s rings during occultation ~ earthsky.org
  9. JPL and the Space Age: The Changing Face of Mars (NASA Documentary) ~ scitechdaily.com
  10. This Week @NASA: Nuclear Space Travel, SpaceX Crew-6 Mission, Honoring Our Fallen Heroes ~ scitechdaily.com
  11. Stars Disappear Before Our Eyes: Startling Analysis From Globe at Night ~ scitechdaily.com
  12. Europe seeks greater autonomy in space traffic management ~ spacenews.com
  13. A Martian Meteorite Contains Organic Compounds. The Raw Ingredients for Life? ~ universetoday.com
  14. Challenging Past Assumptions: Light From Outside Our Galaxy Much Brighter Than Expected ~ scitechdaily.com
  15. Watch SpaceX launch 49 Starlink internet satellites to orbit Sunday ~ space.com
  16. Hubble Space Telescope captures stunning red view of the Soul Nebula ~ space.com
  17. NASA spies Martian rocks that look just like a teddy bear ~ space.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. SBF Replies U.S. Prosecutors, Requests Access to FTX Funds ~ beincrypto.com
  2. OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Resurfaces After Five Years In Hiding ~ decrypt.co
  3. Secret Foundation Faces Calls for More Transparency, Return of Funds ~ decrypt.co
  4. This Week on Crypto Twitter: Binance Faces More Insider Trading Allegations ~ decrypt.co
  5. OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Resurfaces After Five Years in Hiding ~ decrypt.co
  6. UK Property Linked to Ruja Ignatova Shows First Sign of Her Existence in 5 Years ~ beincrypto.com
  7. Justin Sun Wants Tron’s TRX to be Adopted as Legal Tender in 5 Countries ~ beincrypto.com
  8. New to Crypto Mining? Learn Which Coins You Can Still Mine at Home in 2023 ~ beincrypto.com
  9. Analyst Benjamin Cowen Predicts ‘Long Year’ for Bitcoin (BTC) — Here’s What He Means ~ dailyhodl.com
  10. DOJ Seeks To Cut Off Sam Bankman-Fried’s Communication With Key People Involved in Fraud Trial ~ dailyhodl.com
  11. Ripple Announces New President As XRP Lawsuit Conclusion Looms ~ dailyhodl.com
  12. Macro Guru Lyn Alden Predicts Bitcoin Rally Likely To Continue in Coming Months — But There’s a Big Catch ~ dailyhodl.com
  13. Crypto Strategist Predicts Rallies for Polygon and Avalanche, Says Ethereum Setting Up To Outperform Bitcoin ~ dailyhodl.com
  14. Whales Abruptly Move Over $150,000,000 in XRP and Dogecoin As Bitcoin Floats Above $23,000 ~ dailyhodl.com
  15. Bitcoin Surge to $180,000 May Be Incoming, Says Analyst Who Called Major Crypto Crash — Here’s When ~ dailyhodl.com
  16. Moody’s to Introduce Scoring System for Stablecoins ~ beincrypto.com
  17. Bitcoin and Ethereum Adoption Rose 27% in 2022 Despite Poor Market Performance ~ beincrypto.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

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