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🛸 Top Space Industry News:

  1. Senators press Defense Secretary Austin to keep Space Command in Colorado ~ spacenews.com
  2. ‘Juno: New Origins’ indie game lets you launch rockets and build planets ~ space.com
  3. Celestron SkyMaster 12x60 binocular review ~ space.com
  4. James Webb Space Telescope discovers water ice at ringed asteroid Chariklo ‘by remarkable luck’ ~ space.com
  5. NASA still working on long-term plans for ISS seat barters ~ spacenews.com
  6. Mynaric Signs Order from WARPSPACE for CONDOR Terminals ~ spacewatch.global
  7. China wants to launch over 200 spacecraft in 2023 ~ space.com
  8. Celestron NexStar 4SE telescope review ~ space.com
  9. See the moon eclipse Mars on Jan. 30 in free telescope webcast ~ space.com
  10. Oklahoma Students to Hear from NASA Astronaut Aboard Space Station ~ nasa.gov
  11. La NASA lanza páginas web en español sobre aeronáutica ~ nasa.gov
  12. NASA Launches Aeronautics Spanish-Language Webpages ~ nasa.gov
  13. Register Today for our Space Café Black Ops by Dr. Emma Gatti with Dr. Namrata Goswami — 1st February 2023 4 PM CET ~ spacewatch.global
  14. #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: SPACE STATIONS — THE PRIVATE GOLD RUSH ~ spacewatch.global
  15. Space Café Radio — ILA Spezial — mit Melanie Heil ~ spacewatch.global
  16. Airbus to Provide SatCom Services for Belgian Armed Forces ~ spacewatch.global
  17. NASA and DARPA to test Nuclear Engine for Mars Missions ~ spacewatch.global
  18. Peregrine Lunar Lander Completes Flight Acceptance Campaign ~ spacewatch.global
  19. NASA and DARPA Will be Testing a Nuclear Rocket in Space ~ universetoday.com
  20. Europe Will be Building the Transfer Arm for the Mars Sample Return Mission ~ universetoday.com
  21. Truck-Sized Asteroid Flew Past Earth Yesterday, Coming Within 3,600 km ~ universetoday.com
  22. Arriving at Titan: How Dragonfly’s Entry, Descent, and Landing will differ from Mars missions ~ nasaspaceflight.com
  23. Scientists spot 1st gamma-ray eclipses from strange ‘spider’ star systems ~ space.com
  24. Europe’s JUICE mission to Jupiter’s moons preparing for April 14 launch ~ space.com
  25. Galactic collisions act as a ‘cosmic delivery service’ for hungry monster black holes ~ space.com
  26. NASA’s Geotail spacecraft ends 30-year mission studying Earth’s magnetosphere ~ space.com
  27. Optical illusion gives rare green comet an ‘anti-tail’ that seemingly defies physics ~ space.com
  28. NASA to launch Psyche asteroid probe in October 2023 after delays ~ space.com
  29. Galactic Anomaly: The Milky Way Is Too Big for Its “Cosmological Wall” ~ scitechdaily.com
  30. ISS Astronauts Prep for Next Spacewalk, Explore Space Biology and Physics ~ scitechdaily.com
  31. Satellite billed as the ‘future GPS’ begins key tests ~ spacenews.com
  32. L3Harris ‘optimistic’ Aerojet Rocketdyne acquisition will close in 2023 ~ spacenews.com
  33. Hispasat invests in reforestation to drive sustainability expansion strategy ~ spacenews.com
  34. Janus considering alternative missions after losing original ride ~ spacenews.com
  35. U.S. sanctions Chinese satellite firm for allegedly supplying SAR imagery to Russia’s Wagner Group ~ spacenews.com

🐳 Top Crypto/Web3 News:

  1. Markets: Bitcoin dips but holds above US$23,000, Ether slips, Polygon biggest gainer in top 10 ~ forkast.news
  2. Crypto Firm Matrixport Slashes Headcount by 10% ~ decrypt.co
  3. How Web3 and NFTs Are Disrupting Film and Video Streaming: Myco, Livepeer, Ava Labs, Bad Grrls Creative Club ~ decrypt.co
  4. Court Documents Reveal Yuga Labs Lacks Bored Ape Image Copyright ~ beincrypto.com
  5. Car Titles Issued As NFTs In Testing Phase Throughout California ~ beincrypto.com
  6. Sam Bankman-Fried’s family members are not cooperating with FTX attorneys, court documents claim ~ forkast.news
  7. 5 Altcoins Playing Catch up With the Rest of Crypto Market ~ beincrypto.com
  8. Top 9 Trends Shaping the Future of Bitcoin Mining ~ beincrypto.com
  9. Can You Get a Refund on Porsche, Yuga or Other NFTs? It Depends ~ decrypt.co
  10. Stablecoins Ailing From Crypto Market Rout Hopeful for a Rejuvenated New Year ~ beincrypto.com
  11. Crypto Casino Signs $100M Sponsorship With F1 Team, Is Crypto Winter Thawing? ~ beincrypto.com
  12. Bankrupt BlockFi asks court to approve bonuses to keep staff ~ forkast.news
  13. Avalanche (AVAX) Price Rally Stalls but $23 Still Within Reach ~ beincrypto.com
  14. XRP Price Regains Momentum Although Ripple vs SEC Case Still Unresolved ~ beincrypto.com
  15. More bad news for South Korea’s Bithumb exchange with “Kimchi coin” manipulation allegations ~ forkast.news
  16. Armoring Products Launches Revolutionary ARMOC Token ~ beincrypto.com
  17. SEC Probes Investment Advisers Over Crypto Custody Rules ~ beincrypto.com
  18. FBI Infiltrated Hive Network, Blocking Over $130 Million in Crypto Ransomware ~ decrypt.co
  19. Phantom Wallet Claims It Thwarted Over 18K Attacks ~ decrypt.co
  20. Bitcoin Realized Return Back in the Green, Is BTC Heading for $24,000? ~ beincrypto.com
  21. Azuki Twitter Account Hacked, Attacker Drains Over $750K in 30 Minutes ~ decrypt.co
  22. Argo Blockchain Lawsuit Alleges Bitcoin Miner ‘Misrepresented’ Pre-IPO Finances ~ decrypt.co
  23. How Web3 Is Disrupting Video Streaming: Myco, Theta Labs, and Actor David Bianchi ~ decrypt.co
  24. Moody’s Mulls Stablecoin Scores as Regulators Circle: Report ~ decrypt.co
  25. Polygon Soars 8% Ahead of zkEVM Network Update ~ decrypt.co
  26. How Web3 and NFTs Are Disrupting Film: Myco, Livepeer, Ava Labs, Bad Grrls Creative Club ~ decrypt.co
  27. DOJ, FBI hack Hive Network, save US$130 mln from crypto ransomware attacks ~ forkast.news
  28. Weekly Market Wrap: Bitcoin rebounds above $23,000. Can it maintain momentum? ~ forkast.news
  29. Markets: Bitcoin up, Ether down; MATIC tops gains among top 10 cryptos ~ forkast.news
  30. Are weak DAOs inviting attacks and manipulation? ~ forkast.news
  31. Meta Masters Project Raises $1.5 Million — Just 48 Hours Left ~ beincrypto.com
  32. UK Crypto Branded the ‘Wild West’ After 85% of Firms Fail to Meet Minimum Standards ~ beincrypto.com
  33. Strike CEO Brings Lightning Network to Point-of-Sale With Clover Commerce ~ beincrypto.com
  34. Peti Triot Presents First Blockchain-based, Online And Offline Art Installation In Seoul ~ beincrypto.com
  35. Ark-21 ETF Listing Denied as Grayscale CEO Promises a Fee Reduction ~ beincrypto.com
  36. Dutch Crypto Fraudster Sentenced as FBI Thwarts Ransomware Group ~ beincrypto.com
  37. Bullish Derivative Trading Sustains Bitcoin Rally Amid Lower Consumer Spending ~ beincrypto.com
  38. 10 of the Top Cryptos to Buy for 2023 ~ beincrypto.com
  39. US President Joe Biden to Unveils Plan for Safe and Responsible Development of Crypto ~ beincrypto.com
  40. Solana DeFi Project Friktion Shuts Up Shop, No Longer Cost Effective ~ beincrypto.com
  41. This Week in Crypto: Top AI Crypto, Signature Drops Binance, DoJ Captures Bitzlato ~ beincrypto.com
  42. Solana-Based Trading Platform Mango Markets Sues Crypto Trader Behind $100,000,000 Exploit ~ dailyhodl.com
  43. Anthony Scaramucci Predicts One Catalyst Will Trigger Bitcoin Boom, Says Now’s a Great Time To Accumulate BTC ~ dailyhodl.com
  44. US Credit Ratings Giant Developing Stablecoin Scoring System: Report ~ dailyhodl.com
  45. Billionaire Dogecoin Advocate Elon Musk Doubles Down on Offer To Eat Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s Accepts DOGE ~ dailyhodl.com
  46. Bitcoin Breakout Imminent? Analyst Says Key Price Point Will Be Pivotal, Tracks Path Ahead for Litecoin and Three Ethereum-Based Altcoins ~ dailyhodl.com
  47. U.S. SEC Once Again Rejects ARK Invest’s Proposal for a Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF ~ dailyhodl.com
  48. Institutional Investors Believe One Crypto Asset Has the Most Compelling Growth Outlook in 2023: CoinShares ~ dailyhodl.com
  49. Top Crypto Analyst Issues Warning on Ethereum Rival That’s Exploded Over 460% This Month, Says Selloff Likely ~ dailyhodl.com
  50. Mysterious Crypto Whale Abruptly Moves 3,312,307,240,798 Shiba Inu (SHIB) in Eye-Popping Transaction ~ dailyhodl.com
  51. Polygon Flips Ethereum for Daily Active Addresses as MATIC Price Surges 10% ~ beincrypto.com
  52. 5 Altcoins That Romped Ahead in the Crypto Market This Week ~ beincrypto.com
  53. Bitcoin (BTC) Skyrocketing by Over 50% From Current Levels Is ‘Very Doable’, Says Economist Alex Kruger ~ dailyhodl.com

🤖 Top Tech News:

  1. Solar panel cleaning robot can be dropped off and picked up by drone ~ newscientist.com

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